? Different Frames: Passing Var Values

Hello there, can someone please tell me how to pass the variable value from frame to frame?

Ex. Problem

Frame 1 I’ve got variable Att = 100

Frame 2 I’ve got the same variable Att but it doesn’t show the 100 value it had from Frame 1.

***Thanks in advance…

Where did you put the variable ?? You may have put it inside a movie clip that doesn’t appear in frame 2. The simpler would be to put it in _root (put _root. in front of your variables).

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What do you mean frames. Yu can have frames in flash?
Cause I am looking to make a web site from pure flash, but I am having trouble with the launching of pages.

Say I make a button to launch a movie clip in the same window. Is there a function so that when I chose another button the previous movie clip will close? Cause That will be basically like frames.

Their talking about frames on the timeline, and how variables pass around in each. Start a new topic called something like “imitating html frames with Flash?” And I’ll see what I can do to answer your question.

as _root.att1

So on say, Frame 1:

maybe it’s going to have a start like
_root.att1 = 0;

then when I make it get a new value…

_root.att1 = pow1 + adr1;

Then on Frame 2:

Say I’ve already made a dynamic text box named “SHOW”
where I’ll display the value of att1…

is it going to be as simple as:

show = att1;


show = _root.att1;


Thanks again for the time people…

Hey guys, thanks anyway, I just found out after tinkering a bit with my code, it seems that I just had a typo error that’s why it didn’t display my values lol! Well, have a nice time everyone…

The bane of our existence. Always look for syntax.LOL