Different intro animation in external swf, based on a var's value

I feel this could be pretty basic for you guys. Here’s the deal:

I need an external swf to check a var’s value and decide how to animate. If value == “something” then animate in like this, else, animate in like that.

Now, a file is loaded with LoadManager class, and a function from this class sends a string to the loaded swf, and based on that string it animates out. I’ve tried to make the same function set a public var’s value inside the LoadMangaer class, but i can’t acces it from the external swf.

It will probably make sence when you look at the fla and the LoadManager class, so here’s the attachment. Hope you can help, I’ve been dwelling on this for ages. Tnx a million.

And Andir, thanks for your previous help with the LoadManager and delegates.