Difficult question relating to navigation elements in DW, I need to disable them on

Complicated stuff here. I have set up a dynamic site where I can move to different records etc by clicking a navigation, whereby the navigation has a javascript rollover effect linked to an external scripts.js.

When i hover over the images all works great and then click and it does what it is supposed to however I would really like for these images to stay highlighted if on the current page. Or stay active and disable the link, although this is not vital so long as the image is on its rollover stage while that page active, i.,e id=1.

I have tried so much and cannot do it. I am at a lost case on this and hope that anyone can help. I did try adding a imcsrc in the database where by if the user was on page one i.e ID=1, then the image would infact be on a rollover state. except if you clicked on the same image it would revert back again. I felt maybe someone has the knowledge to help me here. I use Dreamweaver MX2004 and an Access 2003 database.