Digital IQ test
I scored 104, but well I can defend it as most of them were not applicable for me.

The gayest thing is that no matter how good or bad you do, you always get the same message at the end. That doesn’t make it any fun :(.


But some things were not applicable to me, so I pressed yes on some and no for some


i could have gotten more i i lied and said i had a pda when i don’t :trout:

  1. Considering I don’t have a PDA, a laptop, anything office related, a cellphone, and my computer isn’t allowed to think about my money - I did pretty good, no?

EDIT: Digigamer - actually… if you look, it’s like a chart. Match up the correct score on the left with the propper message to it’s right

my, that was harsh.

/me stun batons phil

now i am worried :puzzled:
only me and marz seem to be super nerds :king: :king: here as no one else scored anything near 170, sad :upset:

nah, not for u guys :frowning:

Woo! I scored 162, I said I have a PDA when I don’t.

good job mundiya, hor ki haal hai?

I am glad this time some one did see what I posted and actually replied lol…I doubt if all my previous posts were really below average…:wink:

:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(


:( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

I got… oh $h!t, I forgot what I got already… :smiley: lol… and I closed the browser window… sux… :sigh:

100 :slight_smile:

Well I got 94 which I’m proud of. I consider myself a teckie but I believe in technology for a purpose, not technology for technology’s sake. I find the idea of a pda very appealing, but realistically I’d never use the thing so I don’t own one.

Yes thats right, I am better than you all :P:P j/k


-4 !!!

I win! AND I guessed 5 correct answers!

How in god’s green earth can I have a negative iq? Do I actively repel information?

r u serious? U actually managed a -4…thats strange…

If you have something like… I have no clue what this is… It docks points I believe :wink: