Digital Juice

I’m just learning Flash MX. Wonderful tool.

Our pastor at church loves technology, but doesn’t understand it has some limits. We use Digital Juice for video production enhancement. He wants to apply the same whiz bang flashy stuff to our website which is under development. I think Flash is the way to accomplish it to some extent, but don’t expect to get near the broadcast quality animations that come in the canned Digital Juice Jumpbacks.

Has anyone tried to emulate this type of thing? Is it possible without creating enormous files?

Appreciate any comments on this.

I dont know digital juice, so I couldnt comment on how well you could emulate anything made in it. I can say this: the limits of Flash have yet to be reached on the web, and you can definitly get high quality, flashy animations… granted they probably wont be broadcast quality, but it is the web so I dont think that should be the goal. As far as keeping file sizes down, it all depends on what you are trying to do.

More info and I could possibly provide a little help.