Dinamic loaded scroll text

I’ve tried the tutorial about create a dinamically loaded scroll text, and it works, but when I insert the swf file into the web page with Dreamweaver MX, and I try to see the page, it doesn’t work.

I see the movie, but no text is loaded. With the Flash viewer it works, but tring to see the full web page with Internet Explorer don’t. Loop and Play params are selected in Dreamweaver… so has someone any idea about what I’m doing wrong?

Make sure you’re text file is being loaded. I usually use this method for my flash stuff:

//the first frame (blank)
//load vars.txt into level 0
loadVariablesNum("vars.txt", 0);

//on the third frame (blank)
//if _root.aVariable doesn't exist, goto
// the second frame (blank)
//Note that aVariable should be replaced
//by a real variable that YOU'RE trying
//to load

//frame 4 (all the stuff in you movie)
//this isn't necessary

Alright, that’s pretty simple. You have three blank frames to begin with and then a fourth frame (or more if you need them). Now, if your text file doesn’t load, then this method won’t allow your content to, either (because it will never make it to the fourth frame because _root.aVariable won’t every be anything but undefined).