Directions needed

Hi all kirupa users!

I need to create a website given the following scenario:

1 - A flash photo gallery with user authentication (1 gallery per user);
2 - Each thumbnail displayed should have:

a) 1 Check box allowing the user to tag/approve the photo;
b) 1 Combo box containing printing size options;
c) 1 Input text field for quantity;
d) 1 Button allowing the user to add the photo with the chosen attributes to some kind of Basket/Cart;

3 - User Basket/Cart showing contents, attributes and totals;

4 - User panel to save and read selection status (php session?);

5 - Final form to submit the basket contents and respective attributes to some predefined email.

Basically it’s a Flash Gallery with advanced options and form submission…

So… I was thinking of doing this with Flash/PHP/MySQL combined…
Do you think it is a good (although not the optimal) choice?
I’m ok with the gallery thumbnails and components but I don’t know how to handle the basket and status part.

Can anyone point me some directions? Some thoughts on this?

Thanks in advance,