Director Lingo

Ok this isn’t Action Script but I can ask Lingo things here too :ne:

I want to know what the Action Script functions attachMovieClip or duplicateMovieClip would be in Lingo


Hmm… Well I’m assuming you mean for a sprite… Or something… sooo…

If you wanted to duplicate a member you can use “member(“Desk”).duplicate(125)” Where 125 is the spot in the cast that you want it duplicated to, and “Desk” is the original item…

Then, if you wanted to use that member, I believe you could just use “sprite(5).memberNum = 125” where 5 is the new sprite number(choose whatever number you want as long as it’s unused, it could be incrementing even I think).

That should work I think… I’m more used to 3D lingo than normal lingo though these days, but I think that will work.