Directory Question

If I visit a Website (example and I want to see all the files in the directory (i.e. not just file.html but any other file in that directory as well). Is there a way to do that ?

Some sites allow this and some don’t. On the webserver they’re running they can specify this. Eg.

If you type the name of some site as it will show you file.html, but if you type it may show you the directory contents of /info in a browsable manner.

Thanks that what I was looking for

This should work anytime there’s no index.html in the folder, else this will be displayed by default, even if you finish the url by a / without a specific page!
And if you’re allowed to view…

Yes if there’s no index.htm(l) or default.htm(l) - for some IIS, the the directory structure is shown unless the settings are otherwise. Fortunately my web host doesnt allow this unlike many peoples who leave certain files in directories that they shouldnt.