Disable button rollover on child screens

Hi everyone -

First post for me -

I’ve been lurking for months, now I have a question :slight_smile:

I am building an 8 film screen based video site for a rafting company here:


As you will see, the nav rollovers are destined to be backround pictures for the individual slides. They are in a single movieclip on the backround screen.

However, when you click on a link and a video begins, you’ll see the
rollover starts anew because the main nav button is registering anew on the child

Can ayone help me with an action script (I an a total beginner) i could insert in the
main nav buttons, disabling the active screen’s button rollover on the individual child screen? IE, the rollover movieclip remains stopped on that particular image, instead
of beginning anew on arriving at the screen …?

Hope I explained what I mean … many thanks …