Disable ctrl+arrow keys?

Hello. I just signed in tonight.

I’m writing a nice flash game at the moment, and have hit a few snags along the way.

The one I’ll be trying to solve tonight is how to disable the control/arrow keys navigation combos.

I have made a ‘get-around’ whereby I have have another movie (a cut-down version of the preloader) load it in. This first movie is just a single keyframe, no scenes, etc. And this seems to stop the 'forward and ‘backward’ player options from having any effect. This is great, and works just fine, but it means that if I want to distribute the .exe, I have to send out two files, and that just won’t do.

So, I need to know if there is anyway of getting this to happen in my movie, without having to ‘de-scene’ my movie back into a single frame, which will take time beyond mere words.

Thanks for your help and such, and pleased to meet you.