Disable lower levels of movies, but not remove?

I want to be able to have a movie in _level0. Then when user clicks on a button it will load another movie to _level5. But I want the lower movie to remain visible bit none of it’s ruttons be active. I still notice the cursor turn to a finger when I move around areas that are buttons on layer below.

I have tried loading, then unloading lower level, but there is always a blank gap stutter. I have even tried spacing these load and unload commands apart, but no luck.

I have also turned the back graphic of the current layer in to one giant button, but I don’t like the button cursor the whole time.

Any solutions?

Ron R. Jr.

Have you tried searching the forums?
This question has been asnwered before.

claudio… if you know help him out at least with a link



I do know, but i asked him to search since he’s the one interested.

Thank You