Disable some buttons

new to forums :slight_smile: and thank you kiruapa and others for this forums

my question is to disable some buttons and clear or delete loaded swf

i attached this code to the buttons

on (release) {
//content: is an empty movie
//mybutton: is the instance name of the button

the code works fine, the loaded swf has close button, when i click close button it playe the movie lets say the movie goes from 100 to 0 as alpha. and the buutons anabled again.

on (release) {

  • is the loaded movie still there, if so, how to remove it.
  • if i have many buttons, how to shorten the code and edit it easily.

thanks for your patience

yeah i is a variable.
for(i=1; i<=btnCount; i++) means i starts 1 and adding 1 to until btnCount.