Disable Tabbing totally

Hi guys. I ve been reading up about disabling tabbing in flash, and know about the standard features:
FocusManager, focusenabled, _focusrect… but none seem to make tabbing COMPLETELY disabled from get-go(flash file load). I need my flash file to be completely tab disabled, for ALL elements. tried: _global.FocusManager.enabled = false; - still let me sort through tabs.
I think, at one stage, i was able to make it not set focus intially, but once i select an input field, i am able to tab through. As stated above, it needs to be totally disabled. is there a way of making the tab key do nothing, perhaps?

ie: make an invisible button(i know, circa flash5, but im lost to ideas)
on(keyPress “<Tab>”) {
dont bloody do anything at all damnit!

any help would be very very appreciated.