Disabling a scroll bar

can i disable a scroll bar on page that is not part of a frames-page?

i have a page with animation but i don’t want users to see the bottom of it…

pleez teel me you can… :bad:

Try scrollbar=no as part of your page settings…

i tried adding scrollbar=no to the html code but it doesnt work.

i also tried to find the option of setting scrollbar to no (in fp2000) in page options but no luck there either.

because i’m uploading onto my uni’s server, the flippin disclaimer at the bottom messes up the look of my site… that’s why i’m trying to rid the **** thing…


i didn’t know dee-ay-em-ee was a swear word. :!:

i’m really not with it today… i meant dee-ay-em-en. :eye:

body scroll=“no”

so simple… :smirk: