Disabling buttons when a new swf is loaded

Hallo Folks!
How are things?
M working on a personal project and i would like to need help for now because ive been stuck trying to figure out how to get it done.

My main image for the site is a building and i have a button place on each window.

The button is something like this
on(release) {
pocket._x = 55 ; pocket._y = 10 ;

My problem is when the room01.swf is loaded it loads on top of the window buttons and it just mess up eveything.

I need help if the way ny button action is ok and how to disable the other window buttons when a new swf is loaded. Is there a better way of handling it?

Mao Lee

Hi Man this is what i mean
im nt sure wad u mean, but since u wanted room01.swf to load over ur existing swf, (i assume u inserted all the buttons in ur workspace (so the new swf should be of a higher layer), so all the buttons would b ignored.