Disappering movieClip...huh?

Hello Everyone :slight_smile:

Got a little problem with a movieClip that I’ve spent a couple hours reworking a number of ways and I can’t get it figured out.


There is an invisible button that on(rollOver) ease’s in the top close bar and bottom description tab. However sometimes when I rollOver the invisible button or the bottom descritption tab, the bottom description tab just disappears. Which is weird because the close button(top) stays, but the bottom always disappears if I mouseOver the image or click somewhere. And they are both defined with the same code.

Sometimes it takes one rollOver, other times it takes a click and sometimes you think it’s working and bam a couple more rollOut’s and rollOver’s and it’s back to disappearing land.

Not sure what the problem could be as I’ve tried removing the text “decipher” code in the description box, I’ve tried giving the movieClip various different instance names, I’ve tried placing a seperate button inside the description tab, but it just keeps disappearing.

Any clues on this? Any help would be greatly appreaciated. I really do need to finish up my “new portfolio” site by tomorrow and after all the complex coding done in the main site, I can’t believe this is whats giving me a problem.


p.s. - being it’s for my portfolio site, I have no problem posting the fla if someone feels they know what the problem is and it’s easier to fix via seeing the fla vs explaining. Explaining would help me learn something new though. :hr:

fixed it by replacing -


with -

des.endlocy = 439;
titled.endlocy = -77;
des.endlocy = 522;
titled.endlocy = -109;

would hitTest and coordinates have been a better or even more efficient way of doing this?

Thanks storypixel! :slight_smile: