Displaying arrays

if i had character variables stored in an array[], and want to print it out, how do i get rid of the “commas” in between the text’s.

myArray[12] //contains “hello there” stored as seperate characters.

//where outFile is the text display box.

outFile = myArray;



//how do i get roung this so that it prints

hello there

//with no comma’s

outFile = “”;
for(i=0; i < myArray.length; i++) outFile += myArray[**i];

is it possible to change the font of certain selected characters, whilst keeping the rest as default

not in the trace output

though you can edit display in text boxes for example using html

no, i mean in normal output, to a textbox or something.

oh i c, the array thing works great thanks

Just as a notice, there’s a method that can do that for you:

myArray=["h","e","l","l","o"," ","t","h","e","r","e"];
trace (a);

pom :cool:

good call :wink: