Displaying flash vars Below SWF on Button Click


I have a Flash XML Slideshow (SlideShowPro) that loads from the XML the filename, caption, and category or “album”.

I want to set up a system similar to a shoping cart where when you click a button (in or out of SWF) it will then list the current XML data below my swf. (filename, album, and possible a dropdown that shows a list of photo sizes. Then a price based on your choice in the dropdown.

Then I wanted a submit button to send the printed data to an email address, or go to a page with several input fields like: phone number, credit card number etc.

I found this tutorial: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/actionscript/displayinphp.htm
and was wondering if what I am asking is too hard to accomplish? It doesnt seem to be that difficult but I am a little unsure as to how to go about doing this.

Any help would be great!