Displaying in line images in Flash dynamic text box

Hello all -

I have checked out the sample in Flash MX 2004 regarding “Text Enhancements” … I even got my file to load and scroll properly - my problem/question is this:

Sometimes the text displays fine … but after I edit my external html file to display an inline image, the text formats to a couple of point sizes smaller, so its difficult to read.

Even after I take the image tag out of my external html file, the text size still remains the same (small) size.

Does anyone have an idea why this is OR how I can fix it?
Won’t you please help? :pir:

Here are my files for reference:

main site: http://www.curtisdw.com/wellbrock/Wellbrock_content.html (go to ‘Our Story’)
CSS file: http://www.curtisdw.com/wellbrock/sample.css
external html file: http://www.curtisdw.com/wellbrock/TXT/sample.html

Actionscript to load external file:
[indent][COLOR=DarkRed]var ss:TextField.StyleSheet = new TextField.StyleSheet();
content.styleSheet = ss;

content.multiline= true;
content.wordWrap = true;
content.html = true;

story = new XML();
story.ignoreWhite = true;
story.onLoad = function () {
content.htmlText = story;