Displaying info from vbulletin on main site

anyone know where i can get a script that will display posts from a news section on my vbulletin on my main site? Ive looked all over vbulletin.org for it and i cant find it. I dont want to use any portal software, trying to do as much by myself as possible on the site. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

ps- would do it myself but im confused on how vbulletin sets up the database :h:


It’s easy to do yourself actually, same way you would normally pull data out of a database. I did this recently actually -

Go into phpMyAdmin, check which table you want to grab the data from (not complicated but I forget exactly which one) and that’s it.

My problem was that i only want the data from the news forum, but when i look in the post table there is no field on the posts for which forum it is from. Any idea what im missing here?



alright i think i figured this out by examining the database more closely;)