Displaying multiple languages in Flash

We’ve put together a multi-language site in Flash MX.

The swf pulls the text in from UTF-8 text files.

I can view the German version fine from the UK, but someone in Germany can’t see any of the ‘Ulmlates’ (the funny hats in the German language).

Is there anyone from Germany who can try to look?

Anyone know why this problem might be happening?

Here’s the link…

Well, the ‘funny hats’ look alright for me. They are all where they are supposed to be.
btw: these thingies are called ‘Umlaute’ (pl.), no offense though.

Since I don’t see any problem I don’t know how to solve it. Sorry…


I’d love to say thanks for your help kaz, but… that didn’t help!!?

I’ve got round the problem myself - changed the text files to ‘unicode’ and made all the dynamic text fields in Flash HTML rather than text.

This has fixed the problem - confirmed by a German!