Displaying multiple pages

I understand the logic, however assigning it to the buttons thats the part that I dont understand. I came up with this script, however it doesnt work, any ideas?

$start = 0;
$limit = 2;

$query = “SELECT id, msg, DATE_FORMAT(date, ‘%M %D, %Y’) as formatted_date, TIME_FORMAT(time, ‘%l:%i:%p’) as timeNow FROM blog LIMIT $start, $limit”;
$query_result = mysql_query($query);

while ($row = mysql_fetch_array($query_result)) {
	$content .= "
			<tr><td valign=\"top\">Message: </td><td>$row[msg]<P></P></td></tr>



			<tr><td><a href = \"reply.php?topic_id=$row[id]\">reply?</a></td>
			<td><a href = \"detail_blogs.php?topic_id=$row[id]\">detail blogs</a></td></tr>


};//reply.php is hit, this will be sent as topic_idx to the next page which is reply.php

$content .= ‘<A HREF=view_blogs.php?start=", $start - 2, "> Prev</A>’;
$content .= ‘<A HREF=view_blogs.php?start=", $start + 2, "> Next</A>’;