Displaying the depressed Key in an Input Text Box in a dynamic Text Box

Hi All,

I need some help here. The problem involves 2 text boxes, 1 Input Text Box and Another dynamic text box. I want that the key that i type in the input text box be displayed in the dynamic text box. For e.g. if i type 1 in the input text box, 1 should appear in the dynamic text box. If i type the ‘down arrow’ key in then the dynamic text box should print on the screen the symbol of the dynamic text key. Similarly for other keys like alpha numeric or keys like ‘Esc’, Tab, Enter etc should display the corresponding key symbols.

Can someone help me on this

This article can help here: Working with the Keyboard

You need to process the keyCode property on the input event and replicate its output in your second text box.

Kirupa :slight_smile: