Displaying time in a datagrid

my datagrid has 3 column, (name , checkbox, Time)

When the checkbox is selected, the current time will be dispalyed in the field of Time

Here are my as code

import mx.controls.DataGrid;
var dateFmt = new flextnet.utility.DateTimeFormatter();
// Build data provider for the data grid 
myDP = new Array();
myDP.addItem({stdChname:"",TakeTime:false,Time:dateFmt.formatString("h:i:s: a")});
student_dg.dataProvider = myDP;  
student_dg.getColumnAt(1).cellRenderer = "CheckBoxCell";

And what should i put in the componet inspector?

i have name as String, checkbox as object, and Time as String , but the time cant be displayed … could anyone help me?? thz