Displaying xml records

hi guys,

i have an error displaying my xml data i have markers placed on a map to indicate specific locations , however when i click on them i want a text box to be populated with the name of the unit that has been clicked on (if you get what i mean) current it displays the same name for each unit which is wrong- which it displayes the last name in the xml file.

can anybody please help

appreciate any and all help as always guys



for (var j:Number = 1; j<= cLocation.length; j++)
				var coords:Array= cLocation[j-1].split(","); 
				//trace("yes" + coords[0] );
				var type:String = coords[0];
				var thisX:Number = coords[1];   
				var thisY:Number = coords[2]; 
				var thisName:String = coords[3];

				trace("uname" + thisName);
				// linkage_id, instance name, depth, init 
				if (type == "office") {
					_root.attachMovie("graph_offcice", "marker"+j, _root.getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:thisX, _y:thisY});
					testGraphic.messy = "bob";

				else {
					_root.attachMovie("graph_stores", "marker"+j, _root.getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:thisX, _y:thisY});