Div Align. Gotta be a margin problem?


My Content box won’t snuggle with my Directory. I’m sad. Why don’t they love each other?

Add to the top of your CSS

  • p { margin: 0; }

Add in where your #content { } is
#content p { padding-bottom: 10px; }

wtf. how weird that p displays even when it’s in a holder…
I’ll never understand these computers and their log-ic.

Btw, I love you. :slight_smile:

Edit: Which is why I took your icon suggestions. hehe


all p tags have a default of 10px top and bottom margin, check out eric meyers reset.css if this kind of thing bugs you

Oh nice. I never even thought of making something like that. I don’t know why either. I always start off pages with body { go away margins and padding } but not anything else.
Great piece of code.

Yea that just applies to the body {} not anything within it.