Div order?

I have a development site http://dev-mactrailer-v2.virtualhorizons.com/aboutus.aspx

My problem is I need my footer which contains some banners to move in relation to my text. If the text gets short or longer I need the footer to move with it. I am pretty sure my div order is ok, but it’s not working. I have a div_main which is the page container, all my other div elements are inside this.

<div class="div_main">
 <div class="main_bg"></div>
 <div id="div_header_logo"></div>
 <div class="div_header_menu"></div>
 <div id="div_header_menu_framework_1"></div>
 <div class="div_body">
  <div class="sub_header_bg"></div>
     <div class="sub_header"></div>
     <div class="sub_images"></div>
     <div class="text_container">
         <div class="text_header"></div>
         <div class="text_smHeader"></div>
         <div class="text_title"></div>
         <div class="text_copy"></div>               
     <div class="bottom_footer" style="top:1656px;">   
        <!-- #include virtual="includes/footer.asp" --> 

Now as you can see I am having to put a top distance in the bottom footer to adjust it to the text height. I have tried moving the footer to outside the div_body but It still wont move as I would like it.

Any suggestions or solutions appreciated.