DJ in Flash!

I need help. I want to make a DJ thing in flash. Like you can mix music and play back what you made and be able top save it! The music will be all ready there and then you need to lower the volume and add sound effects! I can do the volume thing. I just need help to do the rest! Thankz! :slight_smile:

sorry i can’t help but i am after the same thing


i found one for a example but it is JAVA… o and limp bizkit:-\

that is easyier to do in flash becuase you could make all the images in photohsop and just make it play sound on clicking a button

but like you said the save and recording sound would take some coding:q:

if you want to be able to save the files you need a lot more than AS to do it. i know you can do it with php and mySQL. i seen it in a book that i have but, you need a server that supports mySQL, or i am sure you can do it with coldfusion but againa u need a server that allows flash remoting and has coldfusion installed. you can install all this on your pc at home, you just need to download some software. but this is not an easy task your trying to take on