Djembé button! Help!

Okay, I’ve got a little question for all you hot-shot designers who roam around these boards (-:

I’m in a little (well, about 21 ppl) band which plays djembé, which is some kind of African Drum. We play African percussion mainly, so not only djembé, also Conga’s (although that’s not really African), Dum-dums, Tabla’s, and so on and so on…

Here’s my question: my band is in dire need of a good website, and I offered to design it… but it’s still in the “being developed in my weird, crumbled mind”-fase… :cyborg:

So I was wondering: does anyone have an idea for a cool navigation or some cool buttons I could design? That’s one of the main things I can’t figure out…

Thanks in advance!

P.S. For everyone here who still doesn’t know what a djembé is, here’s a little picsy:


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