DMX - html file local and on the server

Hello all,

Please help. I have this strange problem. I am using DMX to create a simple html file. When i hit F12 to preview the html file on the browser, I could see the banner. Now when I uploaded the html file to the server and tried to display it through the browser, the banner is not there anymore. This is very strange and I am not sure how to fix it. Is there a bug somewhere?
This is my code:
<table width=640 border=“0” cellspacing=“0” cellpadding=“0” >
<tr> <td height=121><img src=“images/certification-dwn.gif”></td>
<tr><td height=121 background=“images/banner.jpg” align=center><a href=“test.html”> This is a test</a></td>

PS. I can see a banner from another computer, but not on this one. Why is that?
Thank you

You need to put your code inside the coding tags so we can help you.

I’m not sure I undertand that. PLease clarify. Thanks

put your code inside of


but I see the banner :wink:


That is the problem. I can see the banner from another IE web browser. But not on this one, which on my main computer. It must be something wrong with my IE then. Any ideas?


Starting with the obvious, has the image also been uploaded to the site? The fact that it is appearing on another computer might be that it is still saved in the cache.

Yes. The banner.gif file uploaded to the server. The weird thing is when I view the code from the browser, the code that I put in for banner.gif is not there. Very strange!!!

Then that is screwy, and does not sound like a browser issue. Is the image code being generated through a database? Just clutching at straws really…

Would be curious to know what the problem is when you work it out though.

Is there a URL to check this out at other than ?

if you look at the code, you can see that (from your browser), there is a code for banner.jpg (<img src=“images/banner.jpg”>). i am looking at it from my browser right now, and that statement is not there. I can see the banner if i run it locally, meaning if i press F12 from DMX. What is going on? It seems like that statement is filtered out when it get to my browser.


You can also check it out, you should b able to see the banner on top.


i also tried it in Netscape 7.1 and the same thing happens; therefore, it does not seems like this is a browser issue. I have Win XP.

I have just tried it on Win2000 IE, Netscape, Firefox and Mac Safari, IE, Firefox and Netscape and the banner image loaded fine in all instances.

Can not see any consistency in the problem which makes it more painful…

I do recommend trying to view the page from different browsers on the primary machine to isolate the problem to one particular browser.


I did. i tried to view it in Netscape and i could not see the banner.


The pb was with the Norton Security Firewall. When i disabled it, the banner came up. Thanks

Phew! Great stuff, glad to hear you sorted it out.

Very strange that it would alter the file at code level though, and not just block the image being displayed. Will have to remember that this can happen.