Do fonts get embedded?

If I use a wierd or obscure font in my flash project, then I dont have to worry about the user having the same font installed, because it gets embedded in the SWF, correct? Or does it depend on something? If so, what?

Also, what about fonts getting embedded in the FLA file? If I use a wierd or obscure font in a flash project I’m working on, and then I pass off the FLA to a friend to finish the project, does he need the font installed? Or is it in the FLA file already?

I thought I understood how this stuff worked but I sent the FLA to a friend and now hes asking for the font. I was sure it would be embedded.

Also, what is a good way to test that the fonts get embedded in the SWF? Do I have to uninstall the font inquestion and view the SWF and see if its still using the font? Or is there an easier way.