Do not baby again

Met you, at first glance feel like you touch the electric , looks so beautiful your long hair flowing you always, sweet smile, sweet face for you, I lost my beautiful language two long drink three glasses of silence drink and a laugh at you like a thousand words heart is being lost because of the language because I want to immerse you this happy, no matter how much time , thoughts also go far me with you and the name of a small flower umbrella Wandering about in the shade with you with you side by side between the and you go to magic shows two hearts together did not just because you and I, and soul in the moment burst of love between vowed so they appear together in my hand fate, seven thousand seven hundred eighty-eight how wonderful, magical me at that moment between feel the love of God, love of finally say goodbye I’m standing at the intersection edge watched you walk away and then look back at how much I think you look much like Looking back to see your smile,, and smile like you do not go much