Do you listen to black metal?

Black metalz… the darkest side of darkest side…
which is your fav. black metal bandsz…

do u listen to satryicon, COF, Rotting christ, Childen of bodom, tranquility of darkness…

Have you seeen their videos…

please post if there are any other good black metalzzzz

Yes, I listen to a lot of black metal. A lot.
Some of my favourite bands would have to be Windir, Black Dahlia Murder, Nokturnal Mortum, Falkenbach, Melechesh, The Kovenant, Catamenia, Manegarm, Vidsyn, Mithotyn, Suidakra, Thyrfing, Moonsorrow, Asmegin, Emperor.

Black metal sounds way too deadly for me, props to anyone who listens to that stuff.

is nickelback considered black metal?

■■■■, you’d actually think i like nickelback

Children Of Bodom are pretty good.

I used to listen to black metal when I was a rebellious teenager in the mid 90s.
Faves were Dark Throne, Cradle of Filth, Satyricon, Burzum, Impaled Nazaraene, I forget the rest.

Metalllllllllllllllllll |m|

[quote=fasterthanlight™;1983765]is nickelback considered black metal?

■■■■, you’d actually think i like nickelback[/quote]

Nickelback is like the definition of Alternative Rock…

(same with creed but as it turns out no one likes but me).

alecia keys

satyricon, chimaira, hatebreed, fear factory, Daath. slipknot (not really that black metal, but theyre good)


I don’t, but some of my friends in class do. And they play pretty loud so I kinda listen to it after all. What are the dragonforce music called? I like them a bit tho.

And Im from Norway, and there is a pretty large group of bands/black metallers here I believe. But I don’t know the name of a single band:P

is Children of Bodom really black metal? If they are, they’re the only black metal I listen to. I have listened to some un-black metal though, or “white metal” if you will :stuck_out_tongue: I do listen a lot to death metal!

Nickelback is not the definition of alt rock, its the definition of “Wet-Dog-Lookin-Lead-Singers-Who-Don’t-Know-How-To-Sing-So-He-Grunts-And-Moans-Instead-And-The-Recording-Techies-Overlay-9-billion-effects-in-a-last-ditch-attempt-at-making-it-sound-good-to-try-and-make-some-sort-of-miniscule-profit-from-it.”

I don’t know about the new stuff but I did recently pick up Temptation by Cradle of Filth.

I used to listen to a lot of like lissy a while back. I’m more into metalcore/melodic death meth metal these days.

Very true.

Opeth are awesome! :thumb: