Do you remember VHS tape covers and how cool they looked?


There is probably a large number of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, but this video shows the interesting designs VHS tape covers have had back then:



As you can see from the video, VHS was a very LGBTQ-friendly format.


I definitely remember a lot of tapes looking like this in the 90s, I had many. I just checked my closet and couldn’t find any, but I do have a bag of family tapes from the 80s I have yet to watch, and I found this gem



We pretty much had 3. One with Labyrinth, one with The Dark Crystal, and the other with Neverending Story. There’s my childhood right there.


Never ending story was my favorite by far. Also Barry Gordy’s the last dragon…not exactly similar, but burned in to my memory.

Edit: I didn’t understand the racing question, I do now. No I’m not sure what’s on it but not racing. It marked 1987, pretty sure it’s my family tapes, probably me being a shitty kid or something.

I was helping my dad clean out the garage and one by one he’s like oh man I’m going to save this broken rusted metal handle in case I find the thing it never was used on anyway.

Then I find a bag of about 20 vhs marked family tape 1980s etc and hes like what’s that? Ehh throw that in the dumpster, but hey don’t knock over my new sweet rusted pole!

Edit #56456

So I now have this large bag of rare family tapes I haven’t looked at yet, been in my basement for a year now. Perhaps I’ll carry on the tradition of not watching them and some day the pile of crap near them will rust, and it will be my time to shine


Sorry. For anyone else, translated its: “I see that tape is labeled with ‘F2’. Is it a recording of Formula 2 race cars?”


We recently cleaned out my grandfathers stuff out of the attic and found a ton of super 8 tapes. I’m dying to know what’s on them. But I think my dad went with the “just toss them” response.


I want to get a decent capture method set up incase they only play once, but haven’t looked in to it yet. Most likely a number of deceased relatives on them. It’s very likely it will be a tear jerker mixed in with over taping… Oh look it’s uncle Jim, look how young he- "oh my God Atreyu’s Horse is sinking!


You monster!