Do you use Net Radio?

Do you listen to Internet Radio, either while you work, or other?

Just curious… I’ve used Spinner for years, and now they have this new combo with Netscape… :-\

which one do you use? do you like it? which stations do you like to listen to?

I really want to know… :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope, don’t use it… I have heard of spinner, but I have never used it.

Regular cds and/or radio work just fine :slight_smile:

I don’t like the commercials, plus local radio in this town sux IMHO…

CD’s are tough, I don’t generally like to listen to the same artist for an hour and a half… plus, former roommates/girlfriends have liberated multitudes of CD’s from my collective prison… :stuck_out_tongue: plus I like someone else to be pick <u>new</u> music…

My comp has a digital out, so I have it optically hooked up to the home theater system, so when I cook I like to have music on, and then when the guests arrive I can tune it to a station and leave it…kinda the same as DMX, if you know what that is…

why it works for me… as if anyone asked


Sounds nice :slight_smile:

My comp sucks… probably couldn’t handle the streaming audio without skipping it :frowning:

again, gotta thank clients… :stuck_out_tongue:

when they need you to do something, sometimes it is cheaper and quicker for them to buy you the card, instead of going to a full service design house.

a new digital sound card is only about $40… and my girlfriend has a 333 with 96 megs RAM, and it streams beautifully… I mean I’m impressed how good it looks, and sounds. =) (she has a built in sound card which we have hooked up to comp speakers)


someday when i graduate up from 56k, i’ll probably be into it. i used to listen at my old job.

Hey I remember someone said here he could listen the radio with Flash… Was it Bezzer? Can’t remember :-\ but it seems doable…