Does ANYBODY else do this too?

Sometimes when building a website, I get close to finished or finished altogether and just look at it, and can’t stop. I know all the errors are gone but I just keep clicking and reclicking in an endless, mindless viewathon on my own werk. I then try closing the program and succeed only to be found opening it quickly again because I can’t play around with it locally if its not open. Then it starts all over again, click, click, click…Am I the only one or do you find yourself exhibiting this strange neurotic behavior as well?

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I dont’ know… I do test my sites endlessly looking for errors, but I don’t think that’s what you’re talking about.

Perhaps you’re just pleased with yourself. If it looks good, you should be, enjoy playing around… it can’t do anything except teach you more about design. :slight_smile:

Phil that picture is giving me the creeps…perhaps its time to change back.

roflmao… yeah… I kind of got used to him as the Man in Tights

its just creepin me out…i don’t know why, I was so use to him being Wesley, and now he’s, well…that!

Whats the matter Jubby?
Initimidated by black girls? :lol:

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not at all. its just freaky knowing that you were wesley and now you have her as your picture and its a scary picture.

You know the funny thing is I was wondering who was going to say something first. I wasn’t surprised that Dave passed the opportunity as he is a pretty witty cat. Ilyas, well he’s too phrench to say anything, he probably thinks it is another personality of mine. Rennigirl, shes too wise to fall into this one. So, the onus is on you, Jubbnsut! :evil: I just thought it would, well, throw someone off balance. It was pretty ****ed funny though watching the board and watching everyone ignore it. Poor Kirupa, he probably doesn’t know what to think now. :lol:
her name is Dawn I think and she is a Tribune writer.


The transformation is complete, I a back to my old spidey senses…

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Actually I wanted to say something… but I wasn’t sure if you were actually a girl or if it was your girlfriend… or sister… so better not say anything.

if ( == scary && girl.expression == mischief) {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp scared = true;
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp scared += 100;
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp picture = Westley; //please!
} else {
&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp scared = false;


cute renngirl. cute!



That is some intense actionscripting you got there :lol:

-Dan :expressionless: