Does Anyone Know Java?

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. I’m doing this for my programming class. i’ve never touched java before, and I switched into this class late (I hated foods.)
Catching up isn’t going well when I don’t understand anything. Anybody know what I’m doing wrong? None of this stuff even shows up when i click run…

// The “Pay” class.
import java.applet.;
import java.awt.

public class Pay extends Applet
// Place instance variables here
Label yourname;
Label yourwage;
Label yourpay;
Button calculate;
TextField name;
TextField wage;
TextField pay;
public void init ()
yourname = new Label (“Enter your name here.”);
name = new TextField (15);
yourwage = new Label (“Enter your wage here.”);
wage = new TextField (15);
yourpay = new Label (“This is your pay:”);
pay = new TextField (15);

// Place the body of the initialization method here
} // init method

public void paint (Graphics g)
    // Place the body of the drawing method here
} // paint method

} // Pay class