Does everything work?

You can find your avatar and bring it over from here: (soon to be renamed to something like /archive or similar)

Discourse doesn’t support signatures, so those are out. Avatars… weren’t supported by the importer, although it’s probably possible to fetch them. Lots of people have Gravatars automatically though.

I’m surprised your user ID isn’t similar. I thought I imported users in creation order.

markdown FTW! or FTW? What about emoji? :hamburger: or :trout:

[edit] :trout: fail [/edit]

// comment
if ( condition ) {

I’ll look into trout support. I don’t think there’s support for the same sort of custom smiles we used to have, but one can probably add post-processing middleware of some sort.

Looked into it, and I could move in all/most of the old smileys by modifying the emoji plugin. Right now it assumes they’re PNGs and 20x20px, but that could be customized. Now I’ll have to figure out how to add a plugin in such a way that it isn’t destroyed every time we update to the latest software version.

// get smilies from the kF listing page
[]$$('.smilie img')).map(e => e.attributes.src.value.split('images/smilies/').join('')).join('", "').toString()
base = ''

smilies.each do |filename|
  puts base + filename
  system "curl -o #{filename} #{base + filename}"
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I take it lists weren’t in the conversion? The tip o teh day is looking pretty raunchy.

At least the archive is still there - which is what most people will hit from searching.

I was specifically not worried about the tip o’ the day, since someone already helpfully made an archive of that: :wink:

But you can take a look at the original version of the import script here. There’s no [list] support, I guess. I added a few things like [ic]. There’s a bbcode-to-md gem that the parent script optionally tries to use, but getting a gem into Discourse’s rails context would have been a pain in the middle of importing stuff. It’s a bit easier now, so I may steamroll some posts with it later.

I’m not too worried about it. I don’t think many people used them. And as said, the totd post is archived and I doubt many would hit on it from here.

Really, the only thing I would consider important would be [code] and that seems to work. I thought it might not have been because of a recent thread where I didnt see any code formatting but apparently no one in that thread had attempted to use any formatting :stuck_out_tongue: … eck these smilies are pretty bad. haha

I am listening to all of these things you’re pointing out though, and adding them to my mental [list] of things that didn’t go well in the import. It’s big enough that I have to see what’s really bugging people before tackling something. Like smilies, apparently.

I noticed there were one or two Discourse threads about people complaining about the smiley set the other day when seeing if trout worked (and a quick search to see if was easy to enable). Apparently these are from the original Apple graphical set I think someone said (?). I don’t know if that means anything (like they’re dated and no longer cool). But I do know they look goofy to me. :wink:

I didn’t think it would take 3 hours, but I added the smilies we all know and love. :kommie:

It’s even open source… because the GPL v2 may require that? :sure:

:bear: :trout: :cowboy: :cowbell: :pope: :sen: :toad: :o_rly: :run_in_fear:

But now my :hamburger: doesn’t work! :unsure:

Haha, well, you can submit a pull request with hamburger support if you want. The problem with supporting both is that the original emoji plugin assumes everything is a PNG, and strips away extension information. So I just swapped it to assume everything’s a GIF. Can’t convert either set to the other file type, because some use animation and some use partial transparency. It’d be fairly simple to write the code that handles both types… I just haven’t yet since it was enough of a pain to get these guys :4ocular: in.


The joys of un-coordinated open source development haha :kommie:

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The above seems to have lost the unsure smilie too. It was being rendered as <img src="//" title=":unsure:" class="emoji" alt="unsure" width="0" height="0"> in the original. Here, while replying, it appears in the preview. But will it in the post? …

HA! And his example is a trout!!!

Hmm, I hit the ‘rebuild HTML’ button on your post and it shows up now.

One of the things that could be better is the header! Unless more stuff at work explodes, I’m hoping to get the differences in appearance between the main site and the forums normalized in some fashion tomorrow :silly:


It looks pretty but it’s confusing the heck out of me. I’m sure I’ll get used to it and love it. Now to figure out how to reply to 3 month old private messages…