Does this site work for you?

Does the image on this site load for you?

it doesnt load in IE or mozzila for me and im doing and intro for this guy and he claims that it works.
But he says that it works for him and his friend, so does it work for you people?

I does load on IE but not on FireFox

[edit] of hold on I don’t see any image actually, I only see text, but the text doesnt show up on FireFox, it does on IE

same thing here.

no image in either.

yea same here except I didn’t check Ie

nope - ff here

Doesn’t work in FF.

In IE I see text.

All the images, layout, color load for me (home.htm). Using IE 6.0

I was talking about the splash page… :sigh:

Well in that case, there seems to be an image encoded within the html page and it doesnt load for me.

I was talking about the splash page…

Tucker started the thread not you.

I know I didn’t. I meant I thought he meant he wanted us too look at the splash page.

well it works. but it hurts my eyes:) maybe it wasnt ment to work that way:P)

No, Splash page, but i see messed up tables and a good colage of a hotty on top of home.htm :stuck_out_tongue:

i didnt get past the splash page cuz the text didnt show up in firefox and i didnt notice it in IE cuz im stupid like that.

oh and look at what ever you want…um…yeah…

Well theres still Linsay official site at and which looks much better and actually works.

O man that guy soooooo needs to be fired. good luck with this tucker

nothing in safari on mac.

edit: OMFG. check out that source. M$ FrontPage - that explains it. :sigh:

I mean… it’s a html document. with a gradient background. and an image on it. nothing more. and for that Frontpage needs 1780 bytes. geeez.

Shh! Don’t let kirupa hear you bash frontpage! :stuck_out_tongue: