Dog company header

this is a header thing i made for my aunts dog company… its for a tiny little site with nothin flashy… so it kind of fits the theme but i was wondering what you guys thought, like does it need some random lines and crap in it or what?

I cannot see anything

works even better when you put it in there… wow
that should do it

Well I like how the dog hangs out of the circle, but overall I think it could use more work. The text and the color needs something more, it looks too boring. :smirk:

its supposed to look boring… its for the most basic simplistic sight you could ever find… dontn wanna overload it

reminds me too much of big dogs clothing apparel

It looks okay, but it would be nice to see it with a page attached. That could change the whole thing.

yeah im gonna do that tomorrow… dont expect much… the only thing my aunt has on the entire site is a explanation of a picture… i dont really understand the purpose of it… so basically imagine that pic above some random crappy stuff that doesnt look good at all with a pic or 2 and u got it

Hey xxxiii

Dont let a boring concept cloud your creativity. You can still make it cool. Never put out something you just feel okay about. NOt to preach but imagine it is your business. When the client expectations are low that is really when you can let it hang out. Even though it is only one page.

Now get in ther SOLDIER and crank out some kick a$$ $hit!

lol… well its for my aunt… and she sells dogs for 1200 a piece so she doesnt need the site and im guessing probably about 24 ppl go there a year so i might as well put all my free time into it

im goin to bed everyone… thanks for the feedback… ill spiffy it up tomorrow