Doing a tree menu all in one single XML file. How?


<node label=“WHAT’S UP” textFeed=“news.htm” paperFeed=“newspaper.jpg” />
__<node label=“THIS IS GXERO”>
__<node label=“ABOUT ME”/>
__<node label=“THE SITE”/>
__<node label=“THE GBOMB”/>
<node label=“THE WORKS”>
___<node label=“SHOW ALL”/>
___<node label=“WORK1”/>
___<node label=“WORK2”/>
___<node label=“INTERACTIVE”>
______<node label=“GAME1”/>
______<node label=“GAME2”/>
___<node label=“ILLUSTRATIVE”>
_______<node label=“ILLU1”/>
________<node label=“ILLU2”/>
<node label=“MY BLOG”/>
<node label=“MAKE CONTACT”>
____<node label=“BY MAIL”/>
____<node label=“SEE RESUME”/>


THis means no using of seperate .xml files for the submenus. Everything exists in 1 XML file. All submenus shoudl be generated automatically thereof. Additionally, activating a node item (ie. checking a node item) will also activate all parent node items, and keep the current sub menu and the parent menus held visible even when the mouse travels out. How do do such a menu tree in Actionscript 3.0? I’m scratching my head wondering how it can be done.