Done button


Technically speaking, all I want to do is to create the following: 1. Create an input box, the info from which will be in a later screen (or summary page) displayed . (I did not have any problems creating this. I used “input” text boxes, and “dynamic text boxes”, and names the respective “variables”. 2. Also there is a “done” button, which don clicking, does the following1) enables users to go to the next screen; (b) transfers the value of the given input box to the output box. All this works fine, and no problem with it. But the only thing that I am not able to do or is missing leads us to the next section: 3. The “DONE” button can only be activated, if the users have typed in some info. I have no clue how to do it. I do not want the users to move to the next screen without typing anything. Any help, will be greatly appreciated.

Enclosed, please find the attached file. Thanks so much in advance for all looking into this problem, and for all your help in the past. Regards