Don't so much need a cirtique, but


I do need the latest project tested for me. The code is un-orthodox at the moment, mainly for reasons of time. It looks how it needs to, and will be showing it to him this weekend but will spend next week cleaning up the code. Just hoping that you guys could test it for me. I know it works in FF for Windows XP, but dont have anything else to test with at the moment. Take a look and post what browser/OS you’re using and tell me about your experience…screenshots would be good if you want to provide them.

As far as the design goes, the client likes what i have (shown photoshop jpeg) so i dont think i’ll change much there, but if you have an itch that you wanna get out of your system go for it :slight_smile: (positive critiques are also welcome, lol)

If you have any suggestions on cleaning up the code, let me know that also. Thanks everyone.