Double Drag Problem


I am Using Drag Movie at Level 0 in a movie navigation.

Now when I click navigation to load another movie at level 1 the navigation-drag (of level-0) works fine


When I introduce another Drag at level-1 movie it works fine(in level-1) BUT now the navigation-drag(in level-0) in the movie gets weired. Stop Drag() also does not help & the Bottom movies has to be reloaded to remove the problem

I guess the problem is that while i drag movie at level-1 it disturbes mouse co-ord or somthing. Can some one help me to put this two drag safely!!

actually the level-0 navigatoin movie uses Drag & Slide

can you please attach your fla? It helps to see exactly what you did in order to troubleshoot it.

File big - but I can anyone tell me that do TWO drag movies one on top on another can work together well?? [working one at a time only]

are you loading a movie within a movie,or is all your loading happening on the main timeline?

I can drag multiple objects on multiple levels inside the timeline…

hmmm… let me know.

is this what you’re trying to achieve?

click button and drag a new instance of the circle around the screen…

i’m loading a movie (say an intro) on a movie (a site-navigation movie).

btw your file didnt open in f-5 is it in f-mx?

The startDrag method doesn’t work when there’s more than 1 object to drag. What I’d advise you to do is to create your own drag function:

movieclip.prototype.myDrag = function () {
    this._x = _xmouse;
    this._x = _ymouse;

// Then call it like this on a button
// (if you're working with Flash 5):
on (press) {
   _root.myClip.myDrag ();

There shouldn’t be any levels problems either. Good luck.

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