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Having looked through the 1st twelve pages of this forum, I give up on this one:
I can’t seem to remember how to get a Flash button to trigger the download of a zip file, my onRelease (getUrl -in pseudo code- just opens a browser with in the address, and a ‘file not found’ message… tired and gettin’ old…
Any suggestions? Thanks

Well, what you said sounded correct, so I looked around in a few books that I have, and low-n-behold that is correct so I tried it out myself. I came out with the same problem; opened up a new page with file not found. I’ll keep looking and if you find out please post.

Good luck,

Um… I can solve this in the morning. I know too that this causes some confusion, and I believe I fixed it by accident one day. If no one else has replied with the answer, I’ll do it when I get home from work.,

ahh!!! i know i had the exact same thing happen to me. well atleast one of us knows. we just gotta wait till he comes back from work eh

sorry all, just found out!
very simple, very stupid: when you test/ preview from within flash, it just doesn’t work!!
test the generated swf by itself, ‘n’ everything is ok!
is this SUPPOSED to work when testing, i ask you guys from Macromedia???
next time we’ll know :wink:

Yes… or save it to a file first. Addressing in flash, when testing the movie, is done from a default temp directory, IF you haven’t saved it somewhere first. That’s why it seems fluky… like it happens sometimes and not other times. The fla, must be saved to the same place as the zip for it to work on your harddrive

Good thing to keep in mind. I was just sitting here scratching my head saying… ‘hmm it works just fine for me’. Forgot that little tidbit.

oh yeah. that buggs me sometimes.