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I am making a site for a client.
They want to be able to upload videos and also have the viewer be able to download the video.
But…they want to be able to add the videos / files to download themselves.

I was going to use an xml video player component, so I figure it will be fairly easy for the client to add or take away videos.
But I’m not sure how to set it up so that the client can add a link that will automatically download a file?

Any ideas?

neither to I


if you want the video to be uploaded in standard format but playable in flash after upload …you will have to use ffmpeg at back end. it will help convert to flv at backend.

for download… filereference class should be good enough :slight_smile:

Well, I could upload the FLV to be played on the site, and then have a MOV that will be available for download.
You’d still recommend the filereference?

yes… well your are all set to go then :slight_smile:

Even there when converting flv to mov… ffmpeg is the thing :slight_smile:

ok, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
any advice for how to look into ffmpeg.
i started a tutorial and was lost.

firstly just download ffmpeg for windows and practice at your dos prompt

then later port the same commands to a script file to automate it (like php ) and try converting a file by invoking the php file. thats for the start…

oh god!
thanks, but this might be beyond me (is it mac friendly?)
i’ll start trying, but I only have learned some flash (no php or other code)

ffmpeg runs on any platform… you have to download platform specific version then.

this is for windows.

That is the secret behind you tube and other video sites online

cool - i’ll take a look.
thanks for the help!!!

welcome :slight_smile: