Download Window closes itself w/o my permission


I have being downloading a couple of files from a site. The file is 17.5mb. The problem lies when its during the downloading process. The small window stays idle on my taskbar and showing how much % of the file has been downloaded. But a few times, it has closed itself down, thus termination the full download of the file. I have not told it to automatically close itself and even if I did so, xp would have initiated the xp download file sound tone. Why and how is it closing itself down?

I assume you are using Internet Exploreer?

It’s done that to me before, but I could never figure out while. It usually only happens on really long downloads…it’s like the “operation timed out” or something like that.

You could always try a download manager of some kind. I’m sure some people here can recommend a good download manager. Alternatively, you could try a different web browser that also has a download manager. This is not a solution to your problem, only a work-around.