Downloading files through flash

Hello all,

I am designing a site for a record label:

Hear No Evil

They need users to be able to stream music and download music (music > mixes).

The streaming works fine: with the “listen” button opening an m3u playlist file which then opens the mp3 off the server through the users music player.

However the “download” button just plays the file through the users music player. I need the button to actualy download the file onto the users computer.

I have tried zipping the mp3 files which works fine as it forces the computer to unzip the file and therefor leaves the unzipped mp3 on the computer. But, I want the stream and the download buttons to use the same mp3 files ideally as this will minimize space occupied on the server.

Does anyone know if theres a specific command for a button to download files?

Or maybe a way of saving the mp3s??

Or any solution other than duplicating and zipping the files?

As always any help much appreciated