Drag and drop and rotate

Hello,\rI need to rotate a drag and drop object 360 degrees. I’ve got the drag and drop working fine, but I could only figure out how to rotate it 4 times using the set property and arrow keys on the key board. Is there another action I can use to rotate it 8 times at 45 degree angles, or will I have to use the go to action and make 8 frames for the object? I would like to be able to rotate it by pressing just one key on the key board.\r\rThank you,\rSunfilly

Sorry never mind I got it rotating with the shift key using 8 frames and go to actions on the button and stop action on the frames.

You might take some time to look at the _rotation property in the Flash help file. You can use this property to set the angle of rotation on an item without using various frames to rotate it.